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Pastor Mark

​Pastor Mark has a Masters in Biblical Studies from Midwest Bible College in Milwaukee. He was also ordained non-denominationally through Midwest. Pastor Mark has his doctorate in Theology from Grace Seminary College  in 2014.  ​



Dr.Mark lives with his family in Waukesha and started TCC with only one thought in mind “I want to help.” He has been doing Biblical Counseling for several years now. He and his wife Randi (the business office manager) want to share the Holy Spirit and the Gospel through Biblical Counseling. Our chief goal is to provide a service for everyone. We have a base rate and a very flexible payment plan. We want to help, give us a call ​414-731-5225​


Pastor on the Go

2314 N. Grandview Blvd  suite 204

Waukesha WI 53188



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