TCC'S Heart

Trinity specializes in counseling  families with special needs children. No one knows the trouble you have seen. Here at TCC we understand life with a child with special needs. WE are parents of children with special needs. We know the stress and strain it has on both you as a person as well as your marriage and your family. If you want to talk to someone who knows your struggles and will listen then give us a call.


What "kind" of counseling do we do?

We do Christian counseling. That means that we listen to what you have to say, then we try to help with Biblical advice. That's it - no hocus pocus or prescriptions, just straight Biblical advice.


A note from our Pastor​


'' I can understand why people are frightened & stressed, this world is hard. I understand, I won't judge, I promise to be clear and in the end, I want to help''

Life Stages

Single? Divorcing/Divorced?
Feeling down because you feel alone? Don't think there are any fish in the sea for you? Think that God has forgotten about you?
Then give us a call.

Men’s Counseling

Being a man in a household is a hard thing but trying to do it without God’s help is impossible. Let us help you find the tools to have the family you've always wanted. That’s where TCC can help.


​Life Mediation​

Life comes with impasses from both our own families and in the world at large. Did you ever think it would be nice to sit down with a third party and have them ease the problem​?


Marriage & Couple Counseling

                                          (Both per-maritaland Post)

Sometimes relationships need a shot in the arm; if you're willing to work at it I’m willing to work even harder to give you the relationship that is beyond your prayers.



We know firsthand the pain of divorce.  If you’re struggling with any stage from thinking about divorce to filing to finalization, we can help.



​Teen & Family Counseling

Anger, stress, emotions running high?  Teenager in the house?  Step-children?  If you answered yes to any of these, TCC can help because we've been there and are there!